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API migration guide
Live Streaming SaaS
Monorepos content
Deployment platform documentation
WebRTC article
Media server software
Product overview
Security overview
Live streaming SaaS
Templater ExtendScripts
Video production automation software
Account management
Usage-based billing software
NI-DCPower Nodes
Hardware driver API reference
Interlock concept
Hardware documentation
Getting started guide
Hardware documentation


I've can offer expertise in the following areas.

Technical Writing

I'm a technical writer who's not afraid of delving deeply into new tech to tease out and document the essential information that a user needs to understand.

UX Writing

I craft elegant and concise UI copy with a clear call to action. My goal is for UX writing to orient the user without drawing attention to itself.

Team Management

I learn from and with my team to help improve outcomes for product users, documentation readers, and internal stakeholders.

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Rachael Stavchansky

Team manager | Experienced technical writer

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